2022 Symposia

Keynote Lecture

    Susana Martinez-Conde, PhD
    SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Accessible and Highly-Collaborative Chemosensory Science

  • Chairs: Valentina Parma - Monell Chemical Senses Center & Renee Hartig - Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz

Lucia Prieto-Godino- Francis Crick Institute
Insights Into Nervous System Evolution from the Fly Olfactory System

Andre Maia Chagas - University of Sussex
Open Neuroscience: Challenging Academic Status Quo With Open Source Hardware

Ha Nguyen - Monell Chemical Senses Center
A Worldwide Taste Project - Our Experience

Oghogho Braimah- University of Benin
What It Really Takes To Make Chemosensory Tests Cross-Cultural? Experience With Rapid Smell Testing In Nigeria

Chemosensory testing and COVID-19: Results of the National Institutes of Health RADx-rad initiative

  • Chairs: Susan Sullivan - NIDCD & Steven Munger - University of Florida

Kym Man - Ohio State University
A Confectionary-based Screening Tool for Assessing Chemosensory Loss in COVID-19 Patients

Pamela Dalton - Monell Chemical Senses Center
NSCENTinel: A Rapid Smell Test for COVID-19 Surveillance

Mark Albers - ADK Group and Harvard Medical School
Longitudinal at Home Smell Testing to Detect Infection by SARS-CoV-2

Richard Gerkin - Arizona State University
Rapid Olfactory Tools for Telemedicinefriendly COVID-19 Screening and Surveillance

Presidential Symposium: How COVID-19 Affects Taste, Smell, The Brain and The Mind

  • Chair: Nirupa Chaudhari - University of Miami

Danielle Reed - Monell Chemical Senses Center
Genetics of COVID-19 Susceptibility: Phenotypes and Ancestry

Stavros Lomvardas - Zuckerman Neuroscience Institute, Columbia University
Mechanisms of COVID-19 Induced Anosmia

Christopher Bartley - UCSF Weill Institute for Neurosciences
Profiling Anti-SARS-CoV-2 and Autoantibodies in the Cerebrospinal Fluid of Neuropsychiatric COVID-19 Patients

Recent Surprises in Olfaction

  • Chair: Lisa Stowers - The Scripps Research Institute

Tatsuya Tskukahara - Harvard University
Sensory Experience Alters Transcriptional Profile of Olfactory Sensory Neurons

Meg Younger- Rockefeller University
Non-Canonical Odor Coding Ensures Unbreakable Mosquito Attraction To Humans

Matt Smear - University of Oregon
Neural Correlates Of State And Place In The Olfactory Bulb Of Freely-Moving Mice

Carl Schoonover - Columbia
Representational Drift In Primary Olfactory cortex

The Gestalt of Fat Perception: More than Taste and Smell

  • Chairs: Linda Flammer - Monell Chemical Senses Center & Nancy Rawson - Monell Chemical Senses Center & Paul Breslin - Rutgers University and the Monell Chemical Senses Center

Yalda Moayedi - Columbia University
The Neurons And Circuits That Underlie Oral Somatosensation

Jason Stokes - The University of Queensland,
Rheology And Tribology Are NOT The Same:Insights Into The Dynamics Of Oral Lubrication And Mouthfeel

Brittany Miles - The Ohio State University
What We Are Learning About Oral Texture Perception

John Prescott - Taste Matters
Weaving Together Multiple Sensations To Produce The Oral Perception Of Fats

Top-down regulation in olfaction

  • Chairs: Elizabeth Hanson Moss - Baylor College of Medicine & Joseph Zak - University of Illinois Chicago

Gabriel Lepousez - Institut Pasteur
Long-range GABAergic Projections Contribute To Cortical Feedback Control Of Sensory Processing

Pablo Villar - University of Maryland

Hillary Cansler- University of Florida
Organization And Engagement Of A Prefrontalolfactory Network During Olfactory Selective Attentiont

Dinu Florin Albeanu - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Toward an understanding of the generation and regeneration of chemosensory cells

  • Chair: Peihua Jiang - Monell Chemical Senses Center

James Schwob - Tufts University
How And When To Fix A Broken Nose

Archana Kumari - Rowan University
HH Signaling In Taste Generation, Homeostasis And Regeneration

Wan-Jin Lu - Stanford University
Beyond Hedgehog: Probing Restoration Of Taste Receptor Cell With Engineered Nanobodies

Bradley Goldstein - Duke University
Adult Olfactory Neurogenesis: Of Mice And Men

Transforming the Chemical Senses: Grand Challenges and New Paradigms

  • Chair: John McGann - Rutgers University