AChemS Young Investigator Award for Research in Olfaction or Nasal Chemoreception

Nomination Deadline for 2024 Award: February 7, 2024

The AChemS Young Investigator Award for Research in Olfaction or Nasal Chemosensation is awarded annually to an outstanding junior scientist who is an emerging leader in the field of olfaction. The research record should provide evidence of excellence and contributions that have had or are likely to have a major impact on research in the field of olfaction. The award is $2,000 and is given during the Welcome/Awards Ceremony on opening night of the Annual Meeting.

All nominations should be submitted using the Online Award Nomination Form. For Award Re-Nomination Guidelines, click hereNominations may be made by AChemS members only.

Nominees should be a AChemS member in good standing and have received their doctoral degrees 15 or fewer years prior to the year of the granting of the award.

Documentation for the nomination should include:

1) Three references for nomination support – references do not need to be AChemS members
2) Nominee’s CV
3) Statement Supporting Nominee's Qualifications (limit 500 words)- Please include your rationale for this nomination. This could include the nominee's contributions to AChemS, or to promoting the field broadly, their research contributions, mentorship of trainees, or any other highlights relevant for this award. 

Visit the Past Awardees & Lecturers page to view past winners of the award.