AChemS Matrix Mentoring

Our mentoring matrix creates an interconnected mentoring group that brings together scientists from all echelons of chemical senses research. With this framework, junior and senior investigators of all backgrounds learn from each other to advance their career goals and grow the foundation of our research community. This mentoring program takes a multi-tiered approach to mentorship, such that participating individuals are both mentees and mentors -- providing specialized training, guidance, and coaching to younger investigators as well as those in their peer group.

Anyone interested in chemical senses research can join a mentoring matrix. Each matrix is composed of individuals at different career stages: senior mentors (i.e., PIs), intermediate mentors/senior mentees (i.e., postdocs, senior graduate students), and junior mentees (i.e., early-stage graduate students and undergraduates).

Participant responsibilities include actively organizing and participating in group meetings and activities at a minimum quarterly over the next year. Mentoring matrices have the freedom to tailor topics and schedules to meet the needs of the mentees.


  1. More Minds = More Experience = Better Advice. No one person provides mentorship, instead the mentor network increases the depth of feedback beyond what is provided by a single person.
  2. Stable Network. Every mentee has access to multiple mentors. Mentees rely on several people to support them at any given point in time, increasing mentorship availability.
  3. Specificity of Mentoring. Mentees receive direct feedback from individuals at different career stages, allowing this advice to be specific to their needs and goals. Each mentee is also a mentor to someone else in the group, allowing all individuals to benefit.

Establishing a mechanism to grow our community is essential to ensure future high-quality chemical senses research. This mentoring matrix increases access to the research community to foster scientific development.

Using the links below to become a mentor/mentee in a group of 4-6 individuals spanning all career stages. Groups are randomly generated and not meant to be focused on a particular research topic. Rather, the goal of these groups are focused on fostering career development.

Menotrs & Mentees: https://fs10.formsite.com/spltrak/0csa95njjc/index.html

Opportunities to connect across mentorship pods to focus on shared research interests or career development workshops will be announced in the mentoring tab of the AChemS Slack channel. Email info@achems.org to receive an invite to the Slack account.

Useful Resources:

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