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The Circadian Clock in Your Nose

When people tell you, “wake up and smell the roses,” they might be giving you bad advice. Your sense of smell may fluctuate in sensitivity over the course of 24 hours, in tune with our circadian clocks, with your nose best able to do its job during the hours before you go to sleep, according to a study published last month.

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Why the Scent of Blood Lures Wolves But Repels People

A single molecule released from fresh blood, the one that gives it that metallic smell, causes humans to recoil and other animals to lick their lips in predatory anticipation, reveals a new study.

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What's the Worst Taste in the World?

There was a time not so long ago when, for fun, or just for something to do, millions of Americans would tune in to watch non-actors eat worms for cash. It felt good, watching strangers wreck their intestines. Things might not have been going your way, but at least you weren’t competitively chewing cockroaches on primetime television.

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