AChemS Career Networking Seminar Series


Thursday, February 25th
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM ET

The Comings and Goings of Sensory Cells that Control Ingestive Behaviors
Emily R. Liman, Ph.D. & Melanie Maya Kaelberer, Ph.D.

Sensory cells serve as the sentinels for the chemical world, deciding what information to pass along to the brain. Drs. Liman and Kaelberer study these specialized cells within the taste system (Liman) and digestive track (Kaelberer) to understand how sensory information guides ingestive behavior. Dr. Liman’s work focuses on the receptors for sour taste, while Dr. Kaelberer will discuss synaptic transmission between vagal neurons and sensory cells of the intestine. Both laboratories use electrophysiological tools to tease apart how these unique cells accomplish the daunting task of navigating our chemical world. After all, to paraphrase Aristotle, “I perceive, therefore I am.”



The AChemS Mentoring and Networking Committee invites you to submit proposals to present in an on-going virtual seminar series targeted at facilitating scientific exchange, career development and networking. Early Career Applicants investigating the chemical senses in academic, industry, and clinical settings are all encouraged to apply.

Rolling Deadline Until March 31, 2021

A junior and senior investigator will be paired up to present on their shared research interests. Pre and post seminar mentoring, such as seminar preparation and shared lab meetings will be encouraged to facilitate network development.

This seminar series will occur in a virtual Zoom room on the fourth Thursday of each month starting in January 2021. The seminars will start at alternating times: 11AM ET and 4PM ET to allow members in Europe and Asia to join. A recording of the seminar will be available on the AChemS website for all participants to view for up to 30 days. In addition to live seminars, ACHEMS MEMBERS may view any past seminar recording for no charge through their membership accounts. Each talk will be approximately 20 minutes, leaving time for 10 minutes of questions. There will be two talks per seminar: one from a senior and one from a junior researcher.

Junior investigators will receive an award that includes a monetary prize of $500 generously sponsored by Firmenich, the world’s largest privately-owned fragrance and taste company. Attendees to the Seminar Series can request a certificate of attendance detailing the sessions that they partake in.

Nomination or self-nomination from AChemS members are welcome. Waiver requests to the membership fees are considered on an individual basis and should not represent the only factor not to apply. Please complete the application form and include a C.V., a paragraph summary of current and future research plans and a brief description of the presentation topic (120 words).

The Mentoring and Networking Committee will make a decision on applications beginning in mid January and notify speakers.

Please address any questions to: Dr. Valentina Parma, Mentoring and Networking Committee Program Chair