Announcing the AChemS 2019 Pre-Meeting. This year's pre-meeting will be held from 1:15 PM on Saturday, April 13th until 12:20 PM on Sunday, April 14th. There is no cost for this symposium and you can pre-register to attend using the online conference registration form.

Comparative Approaches to Chemosensory Function

Thomas Bozza - Northwestern University


Gilad Barnea
Brown University

Bogdan Bintu
Dulac Lab
Harvard University

Nirupa Chaudhari
University of Miami

Claude Desplan
New York University

Alex Fleischmann
Brown University

Marco Gallio
Northwestern University

Jay Gottfried
University of Pennsylvania

Tom Hart
Kronauer Lab
Rockefeller University

Junji Hirota
Tokyo Institute of Technology

Tim Holy
Washington University

Stavros Lomvardas
Columbia University

Lindsey MacPherson
UT San Antonio

Raena Mina
Feinstein Lab
Hunter College

Takuya Osakada
Touhara Lab
University of Tokyo

Chris Potter
Johns Hopkins University

Ivan Rodriguez
University of Geneva

Dmitry Rinberg
New York University

Ami Shah
Bozza Lab
Northwestern University

Marcus Stensmyr
Lund University

Casey Trimmer

Tatsuya Tsukahara
Datta Lab
Harvard University