April 19, 2023 | 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Announcing the AChemS 2023 Pre-Meeting. In memory of Professor Gordon Murray Shepherd, M.D., D.Phil. (1933-2022), a founding member and former president of AChemS. During his long, successful career (52 years at Yale University with full extramural funding), Gordon and his laboratory made seminal contributions in many areas of neuroscience research, and of course most notably in the chemosensory field. He published >300 research articles and 8 books, including The Synaptic Organization of the Brain in its 5th edition. He inspired and mentored so many AChemS members during his career, and we would like to celebrate his life and achievements. Speakers include former trainees, colleagues and friends from all over the world and will cover a broad range of topics with a focus on chemosenses. These topics span from development, organization, function and computation of neural circuits to animal and human behavior, reflecting Gordon’s broad interests and influence.

A Celebration of Gordon M Shepherd, M.D., D.Phil.

Charles Greer - Yale University,Stuart Firestein - Columbia University and Minghong Ma - University of Pennsylvania


John Carlson
Yale University

Fumiaki Imamura
Penn State University

Michele Migliore
Institute of Biophysics, National Research Council, Italy

Ben Strowbridge
Case Western Reserve University

Frank Zufall
Saarland University, Germany

Tim McClintock
University of Kentucky

Max Fletcher
University of Tennessee

Justus Verhagen
Yale University

Gordon GM Shepherd
Northwestern University

Other Confirmed Participants

Kensaku Mori
Riken Center for Brain Science, Japan

Pierre-Marie Lledo
Institut Pasteur de Paris, France

Doron Lancet
Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Trese Leinders-Zufall
Saarland University, Germany

Paul Trombley
Florida State University

Haiqing Zhao
Johns Hopkins University

Shin Nagayama
University of Texas Houston

Fuqiang Xu
Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, China

Chiquito Crasto
Texas Tech University

Arjun Masurkar
New York University

Michael Singer
Cartesian Therapeutics

If you would like to contribute a video or in-person tribute, please contact the chairs