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KukaXoco develops beverage flavorings using (de-cocainized) coca leaf extracts - new flavoring chemistry. We will distribute extract samples (FDA/DEA approved) for attendees to test in their laboratories, plus demonstrate how such extracts restore to diet cola sodas - the taste/feel of sugary colas, and produce new cola sodas.
Med Associates is the leading manufacturer, software developer, and instrument supplier for behavioral psychology, pharmacology, neuroscience, and related fields. Products include systems for operant conditioning, drug abuse, mazes, wireless running wheels, and more. Med Associates is pleased to announce our latest offering, The Davis Rig (brief access lickometer), for studying taste.
Osmic Enterprises, Inc. produces and distributes the OLFACT™ Test Battery, a series of computerized tests to assess olfactory function. Olfactory tests include a threshold test, and identification test, a discrimination test, and an odor memory test. Stimuli are generated via a miniature olfactometer, with administration of the tests and recording of responses under computer control. The OLFACT™ Test Battery is now available as a web-enabled app. Data from multiple olfactometers, located in different locales, can be collected in real time into a centralized databased for immediate inspection and analysis. Osmic Enterprises also produces fMRI olfactometers that can be controlled by Neurobehavioral Systems Presentation® software.
Oxford University Press is a leading publisher in journals, books, and online products. Our worldwide publishing furthers the University's objectives of excellence in scholarship, research, and education. Visit our stand to register for the latest research direct to your inbox.
Sensonics International provides the medical, scientific, and industrial communities with the highest quality smell and taste tests available. The Smell Identification TestTM (aka UPSIT) is the most widely used quantitative olfactory test in the world. Recent offerings include a new type of electrogustometer and numerous novel taste tests.
Tucker-Davis Technologies (TDT) provides products for basic and applied research in the neurophysiology, hearing, and speech sciences as well as for general data acquisition applications. We offer a complete line of modular DSP-based data acquisition and stimulus generation systems.