AChemS History/Archives

On behalf of the AChemS History/Archives Committee we invite you to explore and share the beginnings of AChemS and its founding members through the resources listed below. Included are a growing set of video interviews with founding AChemS members, past presidents, and current members reflecting on AChemS and its meaning to chemosensory sciences.

In Remembrance

Ep Köster, PhD James Byron Snow, Jr. MD
Bruce Peter Halpern, PhD Thomas R. Scott, PhD
Albert I. Farbman, PhD Gordon G. Birch, PhD 
Max Mozell, PhD Donald Leopold, PhD  
Joseph G Brand III, PhD  Gordon Shepherd, MD
Marilyn Getchell, PhD  James (Jim) Weiffenbach, MD
Thomas Getchell, PhD  Steve Van Toller, PhD
George Preti, PhD
Michael Shipley, PhD