Chemical Senses

Chemical Senses is the official journal of AChemS and is unique in providing a single, comprehensive forum for research results and reviews of interest to the chemical senses community. The journal publishes original research on all aspects of chemosensory biology, including taste, smell, vomeronasal, and trigeminal chemoreception in both vertebrates and invertebrates. Approaches can range from molecular and physiological, to behavioral, ecological and clinical. Papers integrating multiple approaches are encouraged. 

The current Editor-in-Chief is Steven Munger. View the full editorial board on the Chemical Senses website.

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PLEASE NOTE: While Chemical Senses is the official journal of AChemS, it is owned by Oxford University Press, and subscriptions are overseen by them as well. Current members may access their Chemical Senses subscriptions directly through their AChemS accounts. Once logged in, under Membership options, select Access Chemical Senses Online. By using the link, you will be granted full article/PDF access on the Chemical Senses Website without having to log into Chemical Senses separately.


  • Rapid publication. Average time to first decision is under three weeks, and accepted papers are published online in final format within 20 days of acceptance.
  • No page charges.
  • 2022 Impact Factor of 4.2; 5-Year Impact Factor of 3.2.
  • Full compatibility with the NIH Public Access policy for NIH grantees.
  • Open access publication available for authors.
  • 20% APC discount available to members of AChemS publishing in Chemical Senses under an open access license, where the corresponding author is a confirmed member.
  • International readership. More than 3,000 institutions access the journal worldwide as well as all AChemS members.
  • High usage, with more than 37,000 full-text downloads of Chemical Senses articles per month.

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