AChems Press Release

What does ovarian cancer smell like?

We are identifying which odor molecules dogs use to detect ovarian cancer, with the goal of programming a noninvasive e-sensor to diagnose the deadly disease.

Ovarian cancer kills over 140,000 women world-wide every year. Although treatable when caught early, only 15-20 percent of patients are diagnosed at this live-saving stage. Our research focuses on early detection of ovarian cancer using the disease’s characteristic odor. We have shown that dogs can distinguish a tell-tale odor in blood of ovarian cancer patients. Now we need to understand exactly which odor compounds the dogs are sensing so we can accurately program electronic diagnostic sensors. To do this, our current research uses sophisticated analyses to isolate and identify the specific chemicals that contribute to the ovarian cancer odor profile. (contact Dr. George Preti; [email protected]; +1 267-519-4920)

The poster presentation “Identifying The Constituents In The Ovarian Cancer Odor Signature” (#P441) takes place Thursday, 19 April, 9:00 – 11:00 pm ET in the Estero Ballroom.

Full authors list: Young Eun Lee, Jason Eades, Wesley Harkins, Elizabeth Labows, Jennifer L. Essler, Cynthia M. Otto, George Preti