AChemS Childcare Grant

The AChemS Childcare Grant is intended to provide financial assistance for active society members with childcare expenses that limit their ability to participate at the AChemS Annual Meeting. Grants will be provided in the form of expense reimbursement up to $500 with receipts. Only one parent of a child or children may apply.


  • Be a current AChemS member in good standing.
  • Submit a one-page summary indicating how the requested funds will be used and why these funds are necessary to support the applicant’s participation in the AChemS Annual Meeting.
  • Submit a copy of their current CV.
  • Be an author of an accepted presentation at the AChemS Annual Meeting.
  • Submit receipts for all requested reimbursements.


  • Payment to a childcare facility or caregiver (in home city or on site) that exceeds normal arrangements.
  • Travel expenses (airfare & hotel) for a caregiver. Caregiver may not be a meeting participant.

Applications for the 2019 AChemS Childcare Grant are due March 1, 2019 and should be submitted to info@achems.org.