2024 AChemS Annual Awards


Welcome to the AChemS Award Submission System. You may use this form to submit nominations for the folowing awards:

Award for Senior Investigators: Awards for Junior Investigators:

Please note the following guidelines:
1. Previously nominated candidates who did not receive the award are usually eligible for re-nomination (see point 3 for exceptions).

2. If the nomination occurred during the last 2 years, the same materials can be used for re-nomination; however, an updated CV and coverletter is required. Please upload a copy of all materials using the nomination form below.

3. Please note that the Ajinomoto Award and AChemS Young Investigator Award require that the nominees received their doctoral degree no more than 15 years prior to the award; thus any re-nominations must occur within this time frame.

Nomination Form

Award Selection
Please select an award below to get started. Remember, nominations may only be submitted by current AChemS members and you will need to enter your membership number on the nomination form. Self-nominations are permitted. Prior to starting the nomination form, please obtain your membership number by logging into your member account or contact us at [email protected] if you need assistance.